Sono provides comprehensive Commercial Management for owners and potential investors looking to out-source this vital component of realizing their assets' value.

We have excellent market coverage and a well-established name on which our principals can depend. Over the years the team has concluded many contracts of affreightment, voyages, long term period charters and single trips, always tailored to each client's unique needs.

We have built a formidable portfolio of regular business with cargo, brokering and tonnage interests all over the world; all of which is at the disposal of our associates for as long or short as their needs require. Sono can market, collect, negotiate and conclude business on your vessel's behalf.

Our primary goal is always to work as closely as possible with our customer. Whilst benefiting from the easy, cost-efficient flexibility of out-sourcing these management services, you can rely on constant updates and 24/7 contact. We remain fully responsive and are always ready to offer new counsel on how best to maximize the earning potential of each vessel under our control.

Post-Fixture Operations

​One of the most important functions we can offer is operational efficiency. Our operations team is steeped in experience and can be trusted to stay focused and vigilant whilst tracking your vessel's progress in port and at sea.

Our clients benefit from our long term relationships with agencies, agency monitoring entities, weather routing companies, port captains and bunkering companies. Sono's extensive network of tried and tested contacts routinely minimizes the 'stealth' costs that can cripple a fleet's earnings when poorly managed.

Whether passing on the simplest of voyage instructions and notices, or wrangling through the most complex of demurrage disputes, our operations staff always aspire to be thorough and precise.

Most often we provide Operations Management in tandem with Commercial Management, however this service is available as a stand-alone function. We have the capacity to take on single voyages for customers looking to out-source only sporadically.

Finance / Control

​Sono's long experience in the dry cargo market makes us well positioned to counsel prospective newcomers on valuations and amortized structuring options for purchasing vessels. Furthermore we are well placed to guide buyers through our contacts at many Sale + Purchase shipbroking channels, ensuring a broad range of competitive options.

Alongside our commercial and operational management services, our finance team follows up every detail with rigorous, honest and accurate accounting. Clear financial reporting is a key component of all of our management services, irrespective of how integrated in our clients' corporate structure these services become.

Control and persistence in chasing up outstanding incoming payments are an unfortunate but integral part of maintaining a fleet's cash-flow. Perhaps more importantly efficient and timely execution of outgoings is a mandatory facet of building a reputation in shipping. Sono's finance team are experts in such transactions with agencies and banks all over the world, and our customers can rely on our valuable network, knowledge and favorable credit lines with bunker suppliers, technical management and other such entities.


​An often overlooked aspect of any smooth shipping operation is administrative precision. All of our out-sourced management services are documented clearly through our operating system and detailed reports can be made available at a moment's notice. This is most important and clear in our input and tracking of vessel fixtures.

We also pride ourselves on the thorough execution of the contracts we write, and work hard to ensure that not only are the very best terms secured, but that the charter parties are efficiently and accurately drawn up. Our team is available to produce charter parties as a stand alone out-sourced service; such service of course is provided with the strictly confidential and discreet professionalism which Sono applies to all areas of its business.