Sono Shipping provides a range of shipping management services for the dry cargo sector. Our expertise is in the 10-60,000 ton deadweight markets.

Our team has many years of experience with all of the aspects of dry cargo tonnage. These include the chartering and post-fixture operations, as well as technical, financial control and administrative functions required to successfully co-ordinate dry cargo fleet management.

Established in January of 2000, Sono has helped its many partners navigate through some of the most dramatic ups and downs of the modern maritime marketplace. Proud of our breadth of experience, knowledge and information, we are nonetheless committed to remaining dynamic and open minded in our approach to an industry in constant change.







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 We moved our office to:
609 Castle Ridge Road
Suite 326
Austin, Texas 78746
who are we
Whitehawk Enterprises Ltd. of Marshall Islands has been established in year 2007 and specialized in International deep Sea bulk trade. Sono Shipping LLC  provides expertise for voyage/period chartering, and operations...